Extra Day!

When I woke up this morning, I hadn’t really realized what today meant. I took a look on my Timehop & Facebook’s “on this day,” and found it to be awfully strange there wasn’t much activity.

Then I realized, today is February 29th, the extra day in which we receive every four years. But if there is an extra day, was it productive? And was it worth it?

OMG, does my pump and CGM realize there is an extra day in the month of February?!?

Well, today I realized really how smart my diabetic supplies really are. My Omnipod and Dexcom both accounted for this extra day every four years. They realized today was February 29th without me having to do a thing!

I am glad to have input to correct year when I first got these devices… and if your device isn’t recognizing that today is February 29th, check the year in your settings.

Today was productive. And today was worth everything. Thank you creators of my diabetic machines for one less stress on this awkward day.

Happy Leap Year!

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