Dogs For Diabetics

It’s official, it’s Dog Walk time…

The Dogs 4 Diabetics Walk website is up and ready for action! Set up a Walk Team, join a team, and get involved in the most fun event of the year. This is a chance to rally your friends and family and walk for a cause that is providing life-saving partnerships in the diabetic community.

Dogs 4 Diabetics would love to have more walk participants and walk teams this year, so let’s have some friendly competition, and most importantly have some fun!

Last year was their most successful Dog Walk to date, thanks to everyone who participated, donated and supported their mission. I am sharing their post in hopes to make this another successful year!

Click here to visit Dogs 4 Diabetics Facebook page to learn more.
Get the Walk details, and Join Today:

Does anyone have a diabetic alert dog? I have been intregeged by these dogs for years, and seriously looked into getting one a few years back. Unfortunately, at the time, I did not have much support in getting a diabetic alert dog, and was told I would have to raise a certain amount of money before they would consider me a canidate.

Today, I am still interested, however having two of my own dogs at home might be a little much. With support from the diabetes community, we can help other people in a different situation, get a dog and avoid a lot of the low blood sugars that come with living with type 1 diabetes.