Why Won’t it Stick? #DiabeticProbs

If your a Type 1 Diabetic and have a insulin pump or CGM (continuous glucose monitor) with adhesive that sticks to your skin, then this blog post is perfect for you!

About 3 years ago I started using the Dexcom CGM. I would wear a sensor for about 3 days and it would then become itchy & irritated. Then the tape would start to curl, the adhesive part would start to get less sticky, and before long, it would simply fall off. So frustrating!

Water and sweat got below the adhesive part of the sensor causing irritation. I was afraid to change my CGM sensor more often than the suggested “7 days,” and having to pay more for those sensors. I just did not have the money to spend. I did not want to be without my Dexcom. What was a girl to do?

The Secret to Making Your Insulin Pump or CGM Stick Better and for Longer! | www.IAmAType1Diabetic.com

There has to be another way! I did some research. I asked in some diabetic support groups. And everyone was telling me to try Skintac Adhesive Barrier. I was so excited to hear that there was something to use other than a big bandage over the whole thing. I ran out to the drugstore to go purchase it.

I searched the band-aid aisle. I searched by diabetic supplies. I asked an associate, who looked at me like I had two heads! Unfortunately, it seems as though Skintac cannot be bought in local drugstores such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or the mom & pop pharmacy on the corner. Amazon.com was my best bet, and because I am a Prime Member, I received it the next day.

The Secret to Making Your Insulin Pump or CGM Stick Better and for Longer! | www.IAmAType1Diabetic.com

But how does Skintac work? Why is this girl suggesting me to use it?
Skintac is a very sticky adhesive type of thing, that you put over the adhesive your device. It’s like using crazy glue instead of just regular glue for a project. Obviously the super glue will hold better and longer than regular glue would.

At first, I was only using it on my Dexcom sensors. But then a light came on in this big, brown-haired head of mine: “Why am I not using it for my OmniPod too?!” Well, I decided to try it out with OmniPod too. I no longer had issues with either my pump or CGM sensors falling off while in the pool, sweating at the gym, or taking a shower. This tiny bottle was the best investment in my diabetic lifetime.