A Look Into the Future…

Blogs tend to morph over time, as interests shifts and life happens: Ebb and Flow. With the New Year upon us, I would like to reflect back to when I started this little blog, how it has morphed into this tiny little community, and hopes for readers three years into the future. Who are they, and why could my blog possibly help them?

In 2011, a whooping five-and-a-half years ago, I published my first blog post titled Hello, World! I recently read through that post, and I am surprised as to how bad my grammar was, how self-centered I was, and how I wrote about things that no one else would ever care about! Now-a-days, I like to explain how I deal with certain obstacles in life, related to my diabetes, but I try not to be all “Hey, look at me!” (even though some people will still say I do that quite often… I’m still working on it!)

Now if I was to fast forward into the future of this blog, where would it end up? Will the machinery used to control my blood sugars be different? Will my blood sugars be in better control? How will my life have changed? Will I still be posting as much as I currently do?

All these questions cannot be answered until that future is upon us… but I do hope that the answer for each question will be “yes!”
Three Years Into the Future with Type 1 Diabetes | www.IAmAType1Diabetic.com


There has been many advances in type one diabetes research since this blog was started, such as chips being used to check your blood sugar levels, new CGMs that link through an app on your phone, and advancements to the existing insulin pumps. I hope these advancements continue, as being a type one diabetic has become much easier to “hide,” and easier to control.

Looking three years into the future, I hope my blood sugars will be in better control. My current a1c is 6.8. I test my blood sugars about 6-8 times per day. I take roughly between 35-40 units of Novolog Insulin per day, using the OmniPod Insulin Pump. I also use the Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) currently. Looking into the near future, insurance has approved an upgrade to the Dexcom G5 for February!! I am extremely excited to be able to have a CGM that will sync with my phone, and no longer need to carry around the receiver. Of course, I will be posting my reviews on the subject when the time comes.

Looking three years into the future, I hope my life will have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the point in my life that I am at. I love having a wonderful husband, two dogs, a house to call my own, but I would also like to add more value to my future. I’d like to have happy & healthy children. I would like to have a new job. I would like to get paid to post these blogs. I would like to have enough money and be able to support my family, if it ever came down to that.

And I hope with those life changes, I will continue to be able to focus on my life with diabetes, and be able to share my experiences with you, my readers. As this blog continues to morph, and other advances in diabetic-related technology emerge, I hope you will continue to follow my blog and enjoy the ride.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year 2016!