T1D Exposed Nude

Hope you are all having a wonderful Diabetes Awareness Month!

For those like me who battle with type 1 diabetes on a daily basis, it can be very difficult. Sometimes you feel like you are all alone. And then their are other times when you realize “Wow… there really are a lot of other people out there that are just like me!” They deal with the same battles every day to stay alive. Their bodies also show the wear and tear of living with type one diabetes. They are also trying to thrive with living with diabetes.

Earlier this week, Kat Reed and Tara Layman reached out to me to say “We are writing to tell you that T1D Exposed, the Nude Diabetes Advocacy Project, is releasing the 2016 calendar this month featuring tasteful nude portraits showcasing the passions (ranging from triathlons to ceramics!) of twelve of individuals living with type one diabetes.”

Wait… What?!?!?

Why in the world would I ever want to buy a calendar of nude people who are living with type one diabetes? “We want to show people that Type 1 bodies living with diabetes are diverse, beautiful, capable, and embraced.” I could not have agreed more.

The message of T1D Exposed continues to be spreading awareness of type one and fundraising for cure research as well as psycho-social support organizations.  It is about acknowledging and embracing the physical changes that T1D can have on the body, while showing gratitude for all that our bodies can do with type one.

They decided to create a calendar of tasteful photographs of fellow Type 1s in the buff as a way to celebrate our bodies. Their goal is to show how beautiful we are as people, who just happen to be living with diabetes. These photographs are saying that the body, with all of its scars, calluses, bumps, tattoos, insulin pump & CGM sites is amazing! These people are thriving with T1D, and are not afraid to show it! This is the type of awareness we should be promoting, everything positive.

T1D Exposed | Nude Diabetes Advocacy Calendar | www.IAmAType1Diabetic.com

T1D Exposed | Diabetes Advocacy Calendar

It’s difficult to have diabetes and not have some sort of body issues. Your life revolves around balancing food, insulin, exercise and many other factors. Bodies develop bruises and scar tissue from thousands of injections, pump sites, and continuous glucose monitors. Fingers callous from years of blood glucose checking. Diabetes can also inspire people to take better care of themselves in incredible ways. People may decide to be more active or eat healthier as they become more in tune with their bodies. Regardless of the challenges, people living with T1D have able, working bodies. Gratitude is another side effect of type one; without the discovery and availability of insulin, none of the bodies featured in this calendar would have survived long after diagnosis. After we saw the empowering potential that this project could have for the T1D community, we were hooked. This project is not just a fundraiser, it’s about body acceptance and promoting awareness and understanding life with type one. It’s about loving yourself and appreciating the extra years of life we have been given via access to insulin and technology. With clothes on, we can cover up the parts of us that have been touched by diabetes.

The most newly diagnosed participants in the 2016 calendar have had diabetes 1.5 years, and the longest diagnosed participant has lived with T1D for 62 years. All are proud of their journeys with type one and their determination to pursue their passions while living with T1D. You get one wild and precious life. You get one body. Regardless of any changes you may experience from diabetes or any other chronic illness, embrace this life and be good to yourself.

Please visit their website for more information: http://www.T1DExposed.org