New House, New Projects, New Fiances, Same Diabetes!

Finally a blog post slightly more personable than diabetes or blood sugar related.

We have closed on our first house.


There is a ton of work that has been done, and a ton more needs to be done. We are having a “Welcome to our New Home party” in just a short few weeks, and want to make sure the house is at least presentable (and partially moved in?) in time.

We bought a fixer-upper. We needed to install a new bathroom, a new kitchen, lots of yard work, a new patio, and of course a suitable paint job for our taste/style. It has and will continue to take a lot of work to get it maintained. However, my diabetes does not like that I’ve been working harder than before. Each. And. Every. Night!

Last night, my husband and I went to the house to do some minor patch up & prep work. Our goal was to have everything ready for my dad to come over to paint the door & window trims. I have purposely been leaving juice boxes at our house because low blood sugars have become a reoccurring thing. My blood sugar was steady when I got to the house (around 130mg/dL), and dropped quickly. Everyday I go to do some work, my blood sugar seems goes low.

A few weeks ago, we had pulled out a whole bunch of pachysandra plants had overgrown into our yard. I drank at least 4 juice boxes, had some snacks, and couldn’t tell you how long it took to get my blood sugar up above 65 mg/dL. My family was helping, and were constantly commenting that “your diabetes machine is going off again…”

I guess I have been getting lazy in recent years. I have not worked this hard in a very long time. Maybe my diabetes is trying to tell me that. The excitement of seeing projects get checked off the “To-Do” list has been a big motivator of mine. It has been a very exciting journey to this point in time. Diabetes just seems to be another part of that unusual but soon-to-be-normal routine.

We still have quite a few projects to complete before we can agree to start moving furniture into our house. You may not see many posts from me in the coming month, but note, I live with type 1 diabetes and it’s still effecting me every single hour of every single day. I need to adjust my basal rates so that I my blood sugars don’t fall so low. Hopefully in the midst of all this chaos and building our dream home, I can learn how to treat these lows a little better.