Order New Transmitter

Order New Dexcom Transmitter | www.iamatype1diabetic.comWell this isn’t a good sign! What to do?

As Dexcom says, order a new transmitter! The transmitter is the small sensor piece that clips into the adhesive piece attached to the body.

After going on the Dexcom website, it says that the Dexcom transmitter battery lasts at least six (6) months. I guess I’ve have a great battery because it’s been over a year since I started using it! When the Dexcom G4 first came out is when this transmitter and receiver were first used. I have a new receiver waiting to be used, but I am waiting for that battery to die first too.

I called my new medical supply company to order a new transmitter, but they need to get authorization from my endocrinologist doc. Hopefully that doesn’t take too long. Today I recieved a callback, and they are still waiting on forms from my doctor (apparently they had the wrong fax number!) The representative on the phone said my battery should last for a few more days. Dexcom’s website says to replace the transmitter as soon as possible. The battery may drain as quickly as one week after this alert appears. Luckily (well, for now at least) it’s been about 3 days since I first got the alert.

Hopefully my transmitter will last until I can receive a new one in the mail. It’s really scary how reliant I have become on my whole Dexcom G4 platinum system. The receiver is attached at my hip more than a cell phone is to a teenager… And that’s just because I’m not charging it every night!