Which Type of Diabetes is Worse?

So today is usually a regular “Wordless Wednesday”… but I can’t help but write!Type ll Diabetes VS. Type l Diabetes | www.iamatype1diabetic.com

The number one thing that irritates me the most when I tell someone that I have diabetes, they assume it is because I am overweight, don’t eat correctly and don’t know how to manage my own body.  My type 1 diabetes is NOT the same as your grandma’s, or the sumo wrestler pictured here. Yes, they are under the “diabetes” category, but understand that type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are treated very differently!

When asking which is ‘worse’, I would say type 2 (aka the sumo wrestler). Type 1 diabetics (the little kid) need to avoid sugar most of the time, but if we have a sweet tooth, we can dial up our insulin and eat that cupcake. Type 2 diabetics must always watch what they eat, take daily pills and/or give themselves shots of insulin when high. I have an insulin pump that does that all for me… making life easier. The downfall of type 1 is having it for life  — from the young age of diagnosis, and until the day they die (or a cure is found!)

Type 2 diabetics could manage their foods and get it under control. They also receive it later in life. So theres some upside to type 2 diabetes too.

Whatever your opinion is, you learn how to deal with it. Life with diabetes is hard, no matter which type you are!