Father-Daughter Diabetic Style

Not your usual ‘father-daughter’ dance. I couldn’t keep my blood sugars up.. watch to see why! #diabeticprobs

My wedding day was definitely a day to fight with my diabetes. I tried to eat multiple times throughout the day, but being so busy as a bride, I had a lot of other things on my brain. I made sure to keep my dexcom close at all times, and it definitely saved me from a few severe lows.

In this video, I am wearing both my OmniPod, my dexcom sensor and dexcom receiver. Do you see where they are? Of course not… I didnt want to show off my diabetic issues all day on my wedding. My OmniPod was located on my lower back, towards the right hand side. My dexcom transmitter was located on my upper thy, also on the right hand side. My dexcom receiver was tucked away in the corset of my bra. Easy access to check it, and easy to feel it vibrate for alerts…. nothing like having the ‘girls’ jiggling all night long! haha

While planning the wedding, one of my worst fears was passing out on the dance floor while dancing with my father on my wedding day. I had a few occasions throughout the night when I would sneak away for some juice, snack or cake (the not sugar-free section). The DJ musta had it out for me, because every-time I left, he would call me right back onto that dance floor.

I don’t really know how to offer much advice to those who may one day be in my circumstance, but I can tell you one thing — try to eat as much as you can on your wedding day! I was promised food throughout the day/night, but it wasnt as easy to eat when everyone would come up and talk and/or say goodbye.

My husband and I never woke up more hungry than the day after our wedding.