The Countdown is ON!

The countdown is on. With only 11 days left until our wedding day, my stress levels have certainly been high! My blood sugars have also been somewhat suffering.

Lack of sleep, lack of time, and all this wedding day drama is so stressful! I guess it’s hard to explain if you aren’t a female who’s had a bigger wedding and  has been in my situation.

  • Who walks down the aisle with who? Does the groom walk down before the bridal party?
  • Why do the parents need a song to walk into the ceremony?
  • What type of music will be played? Can I make a request now?
  • How should the bridesmaids do their hair? Can we do our own makeup?
  • Who’s going to drive together?
  • Who can’t come to the rehearsal dinner? (and why!?)

All seems like minor, and very stupid things, but when they all come together and EVERYONE is asking the same question, it can be rather stressful. I think my family needs to realize that I don’t care about the petty details anymore. I can no longer handle an hour long argument about why parents need to dance / be introduced into the ceremony by the DJ.  I am at the point where I really just want it to be our wedding day.

I don’t usually rant like this on my blog — and for that, I am sorry to all of my readers. I had my appointment with my endocrinologist today, and he questioned why average blood sugar level has gone up. I explained about the wedding being in less than 2 weeks and he completely understood. He told me to simply adjust me basal levels on my pump, and dose up on the insulin if I need to.

His nurse also gave me a letter to take on our honeymoon. It explains that I am a diabetic, and reasoning as to why I would be carrying needles, a juice box, a weird looking machine, something (of course, that could be a bomb) attached to my stomach area (I’m referring to my OmniPod insulin pump here). I’ve been on numerous flights before without a letter of reasoning. I’ve been pulled aside at JFK plenty of times, patted down and questioned about my pump. Luckily, I do not have to remove the pump or worry about it setting off the metal detector.

Going to the doctor in itself usually stresses me out. I need to focus on something other then the wedding. I need to focus on myself for a few days, and let my fiancé answer some  questions… only problem is, he’s “done” with the wedding drama too! We shoulda made life 100x easier and just went to Vegas…. but I can only hope that our wedding will be more elegant, with more people and fun for everyone once completed. Hopefully then I can get my blood sugar levels back on track!