Job Interview Stress & Blood Sugar Levels

Here’s my Thursday Throwback:

(Well, it never got posted when it was supposed to… and life is a little different now. Read on!)

Job Interviews & Stress |

Life has been quite stressful recently. I’ve got wedding plans on the mind, on a job hunt for something that offers benefits so I can manage the costs of diabetes supplies, and struggling to balance between my home life and my work life. Sometimes, it just feels like it never ends!

I am a graphic designer, and that is the job I am searching for. I refuse to take a job doing something with good money, but not in my field. It started off months ago after graduating college with a million resumes to a million companies, hoping that one would call me back. A few did, I interviewed and never heard from them again. My blood sugars suffered, and were harder then ever to control. Up, down.  Up, down.  Up, down.

Last week I got lucky. I got a call to  tour of the facilities of a possible job location. They followed up and asked if I wanted to meet for a second meeting and interview. I joyfully accepted.

My interview was at 1:30 pm. I hadn’t eaten lunch beforehand because I wanted to make sure I was on time. I spent 3 hours interviewing with two prospective bosses. I could feel my blood sugar levels dropping quickly, but I struggled though it. I couldn’t let my diabetes get in the way of interview. We continued to talk about the direction in which I wanted my life to go, how I see myself in 3 years from now, and what I was really looking for in a career. Stress continued on they asked me to do a mock-up postcard and email it as soon as possible. I was up against 5 other candidates. Pending their review of my postcard, they would schedule me for my 3rd interview/meeting at another location.

I rushed out of there to grab the juice box I had in my car. I knew I needed it, so there was no need to check my blood sugar level right away. I waited a few minutes and checked my blood sugar. Still low. I popped a few glucose tablets and waited again. Once they were on the rise, I felt better, more concentrated and able to drive. I rushed home to tell my fiance about the wonderful interview I just had.

With all of that being said, I got the job. It’s been almost 3 months here now.. and I am totally in love with my new job. I have told my co-workers and many others who work here about my type 1 diabetes. They have my fiancés phone number in case anything was to ever go wrong. They totally understand how difficult it is to control, and hear my dexcom going off for all my highs and lows.

I am fortunate enough to have a job I’ve wanted for so long, lucky that it covers all of my health insurance needs, and glad I can live a little bit more worry free. When the dexcom vibrates on my desk, we all jump up to make sure it isn’t a low. Luckily enough, they let me pack juice boxes in the fridge within easy reach. 🙂