“You no longer have health insurance”

Life if changing, and it’s all for the good!

I recently got a new job, more money and some benefits! That was the biggest thing I was looking for when doing my job search — simply because I am turning 26 very soon, and the possibility of me being dropped from my parent’s policy is high.26th Birthday -- You No Longer Have Health Insurance | www.iamatype1diabetic.com

And what would a type 1 diabetic do without health insurance? Not take proper care of oneself.

My goal is to avoid that. The issue I am currently faced with is that my birthday is June 11th, and my insurance policy at work won’t kick in until July 1st. I know, its only two weeks and it  could be worse, but I am NOT looking forward to my birthday this year. What a birthday present huh? “You no longer have health insurance.”

As for right now, I am calling up all my diabetes reps (OmniPod, Dexcom, Neighborhood Diabetes, Pharmacy) to see if I can get some extra refills early to hold me over. I have 2 boxes of OmniPods left, so I should be ok. With Dexcom, I am already out of sensors, so I need to call and refill anyway… and instead of buying my typical “one month” supply, I’ll hand over the extra cash for the 3 month supply. Neighborhood Diabetes is a mail order where I get my test strips from. Hopefully they will allow me to refill early.. but we’ll see. Maybe I just need to cut back on testing 8 times per day until I get everything figured out. I get my insulin at a pharmacy, which I have plenty of. The last time I met with my endocrinologist, I mentioned my health insurance issues, and he helped me out by giving me 2 vials of novolog insulin. 🙂

At least something is positive. I’ve gotta keep my head up and look out for all the good things coming in the near future. My new health insurance will kick in, and there’s only 2 months left til our wedding. I’m scared and excited for all of it. Cheers to age 26!