Calibrate on a Steady Trend

Calibrate on a Steady Trend |

As this image illustrates, you can enhance your CGM sensor precision by calibrating it when on a fairly steady BG trend line. This is helpful anytime and every time you calibrate (i.e., enter a BG reading collected from your standard meter…make sure to use the best technique for this: if not…garbage in, garbage out).

Also, don’t over load the CGM device with all your daily blood sugars, that will often just confuse the software and give ??? readings or simply wrong output data.

One other tip is to aim to calibrate in the range you try to stay in. In other words, if you calibrate at a very high value (over 200 mg/dl), you might have difficulty getting accurate readings down in the 70-150 mg/l range.

Now on the first day of a new sensor session it’s ok to give the system a couple extra readings as the sensor settles in. This particular image is the “re-start” of the same sensor I’ve worn 3 full cycles, now starting a 4th. I might be able to get another week out of this. We’ll see. Share this tip with others as you wish.