A Pump-less Day!

Sometimes it feels good to have the freedom of not wearing an insulin pump. This isn’t one of them.

I usually change my pods at night, around 9 or 10 pm, shortly before going to bed. For me, that’s the easiest time because I am usually at home, where all of my supplies are too. Last night, I went to put on a new insulin pump/pod. I looked at my insulin vial, and it was just about empty. And there wasn’t any more insulin in my fridge! Ooops!! Looks like I need to call the pharmacy ASAP. The pharmacy was already closed… and I didn’t have my prescription number either. My insulin ordering would have to wait til morning.

I just left my old pod on until it alarmed…. in the middle of the night. I thought that way I could at least get as much insulin as I needed from that pod for as long as possible and then I’d just have to give myself the rest of the insulin I had until I could go to the pharmacy. It worked, but my blood sugar levels werent the greatest without the pump and that continuous drip of insulin.

Early this morning was a nightmare. It was 6am. I was thirsty. I had to pee. I couldn’t sleep. It was too early to call in for my script. My CGM kept alarming “HIGH”. I was hungry. I refused to use the rest of my insulin to eat anything. I was afraid to take the rest of my insulin and be completely without — just in case!

At 9am, I called the pharmacy. They had no novolog insulin on hand, but would try a different store for me. Ugh, at that moment I was glad I didn’t shoot up the rest of my insulin! By now, I had to take it, my blood sugar was creeping up into the 300’s and rising.

The pharmacist called me back, and there was insulin at another one of their stores. Thankfully!!! I waited for my fiance to wake up because we had plans to go out anyhow, and it didn’t make much sense for me to leave and come back for him. I got my insulin and we went on our merrily little way. I gave myself another shot in the car. As I thought about it — it just made sense to give myself shots until my normal pod change time.

My blood sugars were up and down all day long. I had forgotten how hard it is to manage blood sugar levels with regular insulin shots. My pump is so much more precise. By dinner time, I had enough. I missed my pump, and I was going high yet again.

I cheated and put my pump back on early… but boy did it feel good to be normal again!