Site Change

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Not that I don’t think normally, but just thinking a lot about alternative ways to wear my OmniPod. I’ve worn it on my arms, and I tend to run into doorways. My sides are starting to hurt, my arms can be annoying, and I refuse to put it on my butt!! Ha, it’s already big enough, and being a female, my pants tend to be just about skin tight — which leaves my legs/thighs outta the question too.

With the Olympics on TV — there’s been a lot of posts all over social media. Personally, I haven’t really watched any of it — but I also don’t watch much TV in general. On Facebook, I found an article of an Olympic player with Type 1 Diabetes, and he wears the OmniPod Insulin Pump. [My heart jumped a beat, and in my head I screamed “I do that everyday too!”]

The photo I saw was of Kris Freeman, an Olympic cross county skier, a Type 1 diabetic with an insulin pump and a CGM. He was wearing his pump in a different location. He had it on his chest to avoid hitting it, ripping it off or slow him down in a race. Obviously, as a woman, I can’t exactly do that, but it got me thinking… where else could I put my pump?

And this is what I came up with.

Instagram - Omnipod Insulin Pump on Type 1 Diabetic's Back! |

I purposely took a photo of my pump site, and posted it to my instagram. I have a lot of fellow diabetic followers on there, and thought might get inspired to change their sites too. Surprisingly, I received a lot of comments from instagram users asking me how my sugars levels were, if it hurt, and if I had problems sleeping with my pump because of it’s location.

For me personally, I usually sleep on my stomach or my side, so there is no issue wearing the pod on my back. When I have the pod on my stomach or my side, that’s when it hurts to sleep on because there’s more pressure. When I laid on my back, there wasn’t as much pressure on the pod itself because my head was held up by a pillow.

I had a great experience with wearing my pod on my upper back. My blood sugars were great throughout the three days… actually on the lower side. I really like that it was out of the way completely for me. Only thing, I should of moved it over just a tad bit — my bra strap is just about the tape!

I decided to try it again. This time around, I swapped sides! I avoided where my bra straps would be, not on my shoulder blade, and I’m loving it!

If you are a fellow OmniPod pumper, I do recommend trying it! If you don’t like it, then don’t do it again. What’s the worst that could happen? If your interested, scared, or just have more questions, please ask! I’m always willing to answer!