I’m not a Robot

Last night, my fiance and I tried to play matchmaker. He had brought a single guy friend, and I brought a single girl friend to go out to dinner. She is also a type 1 diabetic, so of course that became part of our dinner conversation — and their conversation to get to know each other a little bit. Before we  had even gone out, my fiance and I had to explain to him what diabetes is — in general. Then I explained how my pump gives me insulin, and brings my blood sugars down after I eat. I figured he would at least have to know that much before he met my female friend.

I like to talk about diabetes — I know, weird. But, I may have talked a little bit too much at dinner… She explained some of her lows, and how it feels to be high (with high blood sugar, not anything else). She explained the OmniPod and how/why it gives insulin. I showed off my new dexcom g4 system, and talked a little bit about what I know about the artificial pancreas research they are doing. I guess to those who don’t use a CGM, or have diabetes, I may look like a robot. I’ve got all these gadgets hooked up to me now, simply because I have type 1 diabetes. My fiance is the one who dubbed me as a “robot” to everyone. Yeah, thanks babe.

I'm not a robot, I'm just a Type 1 Diabetic | www.iamatype1diabetic.com

Both our blood sugar levels were about the same pre-dinner and post-dinner, so we could explain exactly how we felt too. After dinner, we were both around 200 mg/dL. I was thirsty, and figured it was a little bit because of the alcoholic drinks at dinner and my slightly-higher-than-normal blood sugar reading. My friend felt normal, and just bolused to correct her sugar level.

The guys thought we talked a little bit too much about diabetes. We thought they talked to much about work and cars. It all evened out, and came out to be a pretty nice evening.