How to View All Your Blood Sugar Levels

So I’ve been emailing back and forth with my endocrinologist. He asked me to do a spread sheet of my blood sugar levels. Easy enough, so I thought.

I’m on the OmniPod system, and for some odd reason, I cannot view a list of ALL of my blood sugars in one particular day. Apparently I must have been checking my sugars more than what the makers of OmniPod think is “normal.” My screen will show up to 8 blood sugar readings in each day… but with my whole incident in the hospital, I had a lot more than 8 blood sugar readings in that particular day. I cannot see any readings prior to my dinner time reading!

How do you get the rest of your blood sugar readings from a particular day while using OmniPod system? |

I called the rep at OmniPod, and she was unable to help me. I explained my situation, and all she could say is that she’ll have someone give me a call back in the morning (after the weekend is over). Ugh!

If anyone else out there has the OmniPod System, and knows how to look up more blood sugars on their meter (without guessing using the graph system), please let me know!

If you find yourself wondering the same question, or other questions relating to dealing with type 1 diabetes while using the OmniPod, join this OmniPod Users Group on Facebook. Other users were able to answer my question in a matter of minutes,  not days like the OmniPod reps.