Insulin Resistance — Part 2

On Wednesday, I wrote a post on Insulin Resistance that you can read here:
Read that article first before reading on… because this is part two… the scary part!

So I explained how I still wasn’t feeling great, shortly after changing my insulin pump. My blood sugars were still high, about 250 mg/dL, but on the decline.

I decided to eat some dinner with my fiance and his family since all I ate prior in the day was a banana. I had a little bit of rice, a dumpling and a few small pieces of chicken. I gave an extra bolus of insulin. Then my dad called, and he was with my step-mom. They were on their way towards my house so that we could all go to a bridal show/expo. I grabbed all my things, my fiance and his mother and we all went to the show. It was great, and had a lot of give-aways! Throughout the show I was feeling fine, just a little bit thirsty. I knew I was high, and thought it was going down, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

My dad and step-mom came over after the expo. We were talking and I had mentioned how I left work early because of my disconnected pump. The encouraged me to check my blood sugar again. It had skyrocketed again, so much so that my meter was just reading “high” — not an actual number. Wow!! Yeah — that’s not good! I gave myself insulin, waited and checked again. Still “HIGH”.

Then we thought, maybe my machine was just messed up… because I was feeling OK…. just thirsty, not nauseous like earlier in the day. I grabbed my old OmniPod machine to check my sugar there. It had the same frightful reading “HIGH”. From my understanding, my blood sugar was over 500 mg/dL. I gave myself yet another shot, and waited for it to go down.

After an hour or two like that, my parents forced me to go to the emergency room. When I told my fiance that I was leaving at 10:30 PM, he jumped up and said he was coming too..

I spent most of the night in the hospital. They hooked me up to an IV with a saline drip to hydrate me. They gave me 5 units of humalog insulin (which I thought was weird because I usually take novolog, and had insulin with me). They checked my heart rate. They did blood tests. They did urine tests. Everything was normal, and no, I was not pregnant!— that became the running joke for most of the night. My dad was saying I’d need a new wedding dress. We turned it around on him, saying that he would have to try on the 8 month belly bump dress. My step-mom chimed in saying that his belly was big enough for twins! Ha, and my fiance, he was just upset that he’d have to sell his motorcycle.

The whole night pretty much felt like a waiting game — just waiting for my damn blood sugar level to go down. My dad and step-mom went home… and we both started getting very tired, just waiting for the docs to come in and tell me that we could go home. I was monitoring my own blood sugar very carefully, and was actually telling them what my numbers were! Finally at 1:30 am, the doc came in, asked what my sugar was. It was 180 mg/dL.. and they released me. I was told to monitor my sugar levels very carefully, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and follow up with my endocrinologist. Nothing I didnt already assume.

The weirdest thing about this whole experience was the simple fact that the doctors did not give me an actual reasoning for my spiked blood sugar or the insulin resistance. I think they just assumed that my insulin pump had not been working properly, and that I should use a new one. I had already done that, and explained that to them, but they brushed it off. I swear, I am not a stupid diabetic, and I do know how to take care of myself. Sometimes I need a little help, but I know I am not the only one. Maybe I am just getting sick. Maybe the stress at work got to me. Maybe my body just doesnt like me. Maybe it was just God’s way of showing me how many people care about me… cuz I certainly felt the love from those closest to me.

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