Diaversary – Anniversary of being Diagnosed with Diabetes

If you read posts in the diabetes community, you will see that diabetics refer to their diaversary — or the anniversary of when they were diagnosed with diabetes. It feels like diabetics seem to celebrate this day as a “birthday” or a day to celebrate themselves as a diabetic. I am sad to say that although I have a diaversary because clearly I am a type 1 diabetic, I cannot recall the day I was “born into the diabetes community.”

I was diagnosed while in 5th grade. It in October of 1998, but I cannot remember the exact day. I had to go to my pediatrician for a routine physical. I hadn’t lost any weight. My doctor had told my mother that I had elevated blood Diaversary -- When is the anniversary of your diagnoses of diabetes? | www.iamatype1diabetic.wordpress.comsugar levels, but they were not quite high enough and he was unsure if it was type 1 diabetes. My doctor called the hospital, explained the situation, told my mom to feed me something with a lot of sugar, and then for us to go directly to the hospital. It turns out, the hospital would not admit me until my blood sugar was above 300 mg/dL.

After we arrived, they immediately rushed me in and questioned what took so long to get me there. They asked if I had been overly thirsty, using the bathroom more often, been easily irritated, if I lost any weight and if my parents had noticed any changes. I can’t remember what the exact responses where, but I know I didn’t have many noticeable symptoms.

Yes, I started to drink more and use the bathroom more. I was awaking 5 times in the middle of the night, but we didn’t think too much about it. My big toe had turned a little bit yellow — but I was a kid so we just thought it was a fungus for walking outside barefoot. Either my parents were completely oblivious of me, wrapped up in their own personal lives, or my symptoms of diabetes were just not that bad (yet!!).

I was admitted into the hospital, it was discovered that my blood sugar level was 630 mg/dL. From then on, I was told, I would have to take insulin shots multiple times per day, and check my blood sugar before each meal. I was hospitalized for two weeks, and was given the training I would need for the rest of my life! The doctors at the hospital would not allow me to be discharged until both my parents gave me a shot of insulin — and since then, that has been the first, and only, shot either of them have given me!

Back to the beginning, my diaversary. I do not recall the exact day I was diagnosed, but I would like to celebrate it like others in the diabetes community. I feel a little bit left out honestly. Does anyone else not know their diaversary? If you do know, how come you remember it?