Insulin Resistance

I changed my pod (insulin pump/infusion site) last night… and today has been an aweful day! I woke up with a higher-than-normal blood sugar level of 210 mg/dL. I gave myself insulin, decided to skip on breakfast and grabbed a banana for the road instead.

We had our typical Wednesday morning office meeting. My manager gave me a list of things to do, and it was a little bit overwhelming. I tried to shake it off and get moving on all that needed to get done. I started to get a headache, and thought it would be a good time to check my blood sugar level. 423 mg/dL — and that’s after taking a bunch of insulin for breakfast.

I bolused again. Checked 15 minutes later… Down a few points. Waited an hour, checked again, and it went even higher! By this point I was getting annoyed at my computer not working, a webinar not loading properly and our printer jamming up. I was beyond annoyed, and my much-too-high blood sugar was certainly not helping the situation.

My manager walked over and asked if everything was OK? — I told her “no.” “My blood sugar is like 420, I really don’t feel well, and I feel like I might throw up.” I guess she could see it in my face, and asked if I wanted to go home. I finished up what I could, emailed myself documents to finish when I got home, and then left.

My 35 minute drive home could not have taken any longer! I sipped on water and tried to ignore the extra saliva in my mouth. I made it home, took off my coat and kicked off my shoes. I began to walk to the bedroom to grab a new pod… but something stopped me — the bathroom was calling. I threw up three times. Mostly of water, with a hint of banana.Insulin Resistance | I am a Type 1 Diabetic | Read more posts at

My pod was still perfectly connected, but my blood sugar levels haven’t been below 200mg/dL all day. This new pod location on the side of my stomach should have been working fine… it’s been there a million times without a problem. But I think that is what the problem is — it has been there a million times!

Insulin resistance doesn’t happen often to me anymore. I know I need to change locations when putting on a new pod. And in the winter, I use my arms more too. Today, everything has all just been hitting me very strangely.

and I still feel like I want to throw up.

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