Holiday Survival Guide

How to Survive the Holidays With Diabetes |

Thursday, November 28 Holiday Survival – Here’s the American Diabetes Association’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays. What’s your survival tip? Do you avoid carbs, fats, or family members?

Well it is Thanksgiving — the second worst holiday to have diabetes. Halloween is #1 in case you are wondering.

Everyone will be eating turkey until they pass out. I however, have to watch how much I eat… especially with the mashed potatoes and the stuffing — a few of my favorites! Carb counting is hard by itself, so on Holidays when you are not sure exactly how much you are going to be eating, the issue becomes how do to get around it and still maintain a perfect blood sugar.

Here are a few pointers to Survive The Holidays with Diabetes:

  1. Carry your test kit with you at all times.
  2. Check your blood sugar level more often.
  3. Remember to bolus a little bit more than you usually do before sitting down at the table.
  4. Don’t skip a meal to have more room for the Turkey. Once you arrive, you’ll be hungry and you will overeat.
  5. Drink a hard liquor mixed with diet instead of a beer. For diabetics, beer is filled with carbs that’ll make your blood sugar levels go high right away, but make it drop very quickly when it leaves your system.
  6. Ask your parents/friends/siblings/yourself to make a sugar free desert. (I know it’s not the same, but your blood sugar meter will thank you later!)
  7. Try to get some exercise.. and make it simple! Chase that little nephew of yours around. Go get Grandpa another beer. Help mom wash and dry the dishes. Take the dog for a walk. Avoid becoming a huge couch potato.
  8. Drink a glass of iced tea instead of another glass of wine.
  9. Eat slowly, and really enjoy the foods that you may only have once a year. If the meal will be served near your usual meal time, try to eat the same amount of carbohydrate that you normally would for a meal.
  10. Lastly and most importantly: If you overindulge, get back on track. If you eat more carbs or food than you planned for, don’t think you have failed. Stop eating for the night and focus on spending the rest of your time with the people around you. Get back on track with your usual eating habits the next day.