Holiday Travel With Diabetes

The pilgrims traveled for 66 days to make it to the “new world.” Do you travel for Thanksgiving or other holidays? What tricks or tips do you use to navigate airport crowds, traffic-filled highways and blood glucose fluctuations?

This Thanksgiving, I personally am not traveling — But, with that being said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have advice to share with you about traveling with type 1 diabetes!

Holiday Travel with Diabetes |

By Plane — If I am flying, I always make sure to bring a snack and a juice box. I have had numerous times at the airport when the flight attendants have actually taken away my juice boxes — but there has also been a few times where they’ve let me keep it after I explain that I am a diabetic. Some feel that it’s a medical necessity, others feel you should spend money in the airport before you leave. It’s kinda a catch-22 situation, but at least throwing out a juice box wont kill your vacation plans.

By Car — Driving always seems to get tricky for me. I do remember to pack some snacks, but I also tend to over indulge in the car. Also, if I am the one driving a long distance, checking your blood sugar level while on the road can get tricky — don’t lie, I know I am not the only one who’s felt the need to check while stopped at a red light. High blood sugar levels make me really thirsty, and I’ve gotta pee more often. Those mixed together while on a 6-hour car ride are definitely not cool. Just make sure to check your blood sugar at all the rest stops, and try not to eat all of the snacks you brought along. These will make life a bit easier on your roadtrip.

By Train — A lot of what I said for traveling by car is the same. I bring snacks, but on the train, I personally find it much easier to relax and not eat all of the snacks. My blood sugars tend to stay about normal. On the trains, if you have to use the rest room or get a snack/drink, it is not the most inconvenient thing in the world. Most trains I’ve been on have a snack cart, and if there is an emergency, I can find whatever it is that I may need.

However you are traveling this holiday season, please stay safe… and remember to check your blood sugar levels as often as you can. Low blood sugar have caused some car accidents, and being away from home can make it much more traumatic. No matter how you are traveling, remember to bring extra test strips, glucose tablets, insulin, insulin pumps and other medical necessities. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!