Type 1 Diabetes Video Game — The Magi and The Sleeping Star

There is a new video game being developed by a fellow type 1 diabetic called The Magi and The Sleeping Star. It’s a 3rd person action adventure game where the main protagonist must correctly balance their blood sugar in order to succeed. The creator, Adam Grantham, has had type 1 for 19 years now and has created a system that’s fun and easy for anyone to understand.

The game aims to teach players about daily diabetes tasks such as blood sugar checks, carb counts and insulin and meal doses, all within a fantasy adventure world that isn’t about diabetes at all. That’s the magic! This game lets you focus on saving the world from robot soldiers to giant dinosaur warriors wearing robotic machine parts and weapons.

The game has officially launched on Kickstarter, a crowd-sourcing site for projects such as this. They only have less than 11 days left to reach funding! If you could, please visit the site and make a contribution: The Magi and the Sleeping Star on Kickstarter.

DiabetesMine recently conducted an interview with the creator, Adam. You can also see the trailer for the new game. See it here: http://www.diabetesmine.com/2013/11/saving-the-world-from-giant-dinosaurs.html

On a personal note, I think this video game will be a great way to help those without diabetes to understand how hard it is to manage and balance diabetes. They will understand what a rollercoaster of a world we (T1d’s) live in. I made my contribution to get this game funded, now will you?


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