What Issues Are Important?

November 2 Election Day – What issues are important to you? If you could tell your representatives one thing about diabetes, what would it be?

This is a very simple one… find a damn cure for type 1 diabetes. Not that I look down upon type 2, but to be completely honest, it is less severe that what I deal with.

I’ve spoken with representatives through JDRF — well emails -_- and I’m sure they listen and read all of them (NOT!) but Hey, I tried!

One thing I think they need to understand more clearly is that diabetes isn’t going away.. and diet and exercise are not the reason why I am a diabetic! I hope they could at least understand, and try to lend out a hand. Sorry I really don’t have too much faith in the whole system — esp with all this “Obama” care stuff — but I am entitled to my opinion. I just hope one day, some representative would listen to a girl like me.