World Diabetes Awareness Month

So today is November 1st — and I can’t believe it’s November already! But hey, did you know that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month? I’ve been a diabetic for 15+ years, and it wasn’t until last year, when I read another diabetic’s blog, that I realized diabetes even had an awareness month.

So with all of that being  said, my goal is to write a blog for everyday in November — all diabetic related. Here is where I am getting my list of topics from, in case you’d like to follow in my footsteps…

So today’s topic — November 1 Introduction – Tell us about yourself! Why did you decide to start a blog or share your blog with us?

My name is Calla and I am 25 years old. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 9 years old — in the 5th grade after a routine physical for school. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and they wouldn’t let me go until both of my parents had given me a shot of insulin (this was a problem because my father is needle-phobic!)

I stayed on shots until I was 18 years old. I refused to get an insulin pump with wires, and I didn’t want kids at school to be looking at it…. even though I was very open about my diabetes with all my friends. My new endocrinologist (I had left my mom’s house to live closer to my dad and go to college), had suggested that I look into the OmniPod insulin pump. I checked it out, absolutely loved it, and have been using it since 2006. Recently, I also got the new and smaller OmniPod system.

I started writing a blog because I wanted to share my experiences with diabetes — make others more aware of it — and be able to understand the issues that I (and many others) go through on a daily basis. I honestly don’t even think my family understood what to do when my sugar levels went too low — they’d just call the ER instead of running for a glucagon shot or a few glucose tablets. Now I know that they understand how difficult it is, and have been able to support me in a different kind of way.

Diabetes affects almost everything in my life — my mood, my relationships, my lifestyle, my food habits ect. I am lucky enough to have found a man who helps me to cope with my diabetes — and we are getting married in August next year. He calls me after he leaves for work to make sure I got up and ate. He is there to give me juice at 3am when I have a severe low. He understands that my a1c levels are higher than they should be, and he reminds me to check my blood sugar levels more often.

Diabetes has made me grow up very quickly, but it also gave me a much better understanding of what is important in life (and in relationships). Other people’s blogs and YouTube videos have given me a better understanding of what it really means to be “in-control” of my diabetes…. and I thank all of you other T1 bloggers for sharing your experiences with me. I hope that reading about my life with type 1 diabetes will help to inspire others and create more awareness for the struggles we deal with type 1 diabetes.