Headaches and Lows

Yesterday I was in the last hour of work, my blood sugar level went low. I didn’t eat much for lunch, so I blamed it on that. I had a juice box, and a snickers bar, finished up my work and went home.

It takes me roughly 30 minutes to make it home. I checked my blood sugar as soon as I got home, 152 mg/dL. Perfect!! My fiancé and I needed to go shopping before I could actually make dinner, so we left and I did not eat.

While we were finishing up loading things into the car, I started to get a massive headache. I mentioned it, and my fiancé just nodded. It got worse while driving home, and then he started to notice. Apparently I had a sour puss on my face… and I explained it was because my head was pounding. I decided to check my blood sugar again, 42 mg/dL. Ouch!

I have noticed that when my blood sugars drop very quickly, I develop headaches — no migraines — and I tend to get very upset. My blood sugar had just dropped 100 mg/dL in about 45 minutes. I started to make dinner, had everything cooking, but just couldn’t stand up and to finish it anymore. I needed to lay down. I needed to get off my feet. I had a glass of juice, but that didn’t seem to make my sugar level go up much at all.

I asked my fiancé to finish cooking dinner. He questioned why, but agreed to do so — as long as I would do the dishes afterwards (that’s our agreement… who ever cooks dinner doesn’t have to do the dishes afterwards! And it usually works great for us.) I told him I would, but I just needed this headache to go away.

After dinner, I laid on the couch, snuggled, and watched a movie. About an hour after eating, it finally went away. My blood sugar had gone up into the 150mg/dL range and I was feeling like my normal self again.

These low blood sugar headaches are much more then the “normal” headache. My whole body was weak. My head was pounding and aspirin didn’t do a damn thing. I only tend to get them when my blood sugar goes from normal to extremely low, extremely fast.

It is times like these when its just easier to go to bed then to struggle to stay up. I did the dishes and went to bed.