My New OmniPod

The new and improved OmniPods have arrived and I’m so excited! I received my new package with PDM and small pods when I only had one old pod left (YIKES, but phew!) From what I am seeing on other people’s posts, many of them are receiving the new system with only one box of 10 pods. I was no different, but the other two boxes arrived today (about 3 weeks after). The reps at OmniPod are not lying and will not leave you hanging… in case you were wondering.

As soon as I put it on, I could see the difference.



I have been using OmniPod insulin pumps since 2006, and since then, I’ve had the same PDM and pods. The new revision is exactly what I (and so many others) have been awaiting. I just wished they would have intergraded the PDM with a CGM too… but one can only hope.

Of course with new technologies there comes room for error. My first pod was great. My second pod failed within 12 hours, and I got a loud beeping noise (that I would have normally thought was an occlusion). I grabbed a new pod and ran out the door. At work, I put on pod #3, but the cannula never actually came out to puncture my skin!! I was forced to give myself shots for the remainder of the day. I called Insulet, reported the issues and they agreed to send me two replacement pods. I also have to send them back the pods with issues so they can look at them and have the engineers figure out the problems. When I got home, I put on a new pod #4 and everything was good.

I changed to pod #5. It lasted about 28 hours, and another loud beep occurred at 4:30 am. When I called Insulet to report it this time, I had to wait on the phone for about 25 mins before speaking to anyone. The rep told me that with the new system and new pods, the pod itself is constantly checking itself. Apparently what happened with pod #2 and with pod #5 was that there was a problem within the pod, hence why I got a loud beep. It was not actually an occlusion, but certainly sounded like one.

I feel like I have certainly learned a lot about this new system within a week on wearing it. I certainly love the new slim size. I love that I can turn it onto vibrate instead of hearing it beep. I love that it has different color screens to play with. I don’t really care for my name on the turn-on screen, but I do see it being helpful if there is more than one person in a household who uses OmniPod.

For the time being, Insulet has a lot on their plate and certainly a lot of things they will be working on to fix little issues that I (and so many others) have been dealing with.