Heat Waves Effecting Sugar Levels

Today is day 5 of the heat wave (and my sugar levels are harder than ever to control!)Hot Temperatures Effecting Blood Sugar Levels
It is currently about 98 degrees here in New York. Humidity is also up. It’s just hot and humid in the entire tri-state area.

I am not one to normally complain about the heat, because I really do love it! But when my blood sugar levels are being effected, there is reason to complain.

This morning my blood sugar level was great (unusual because I tend to be low in the morning). I had nothing to complain about. I left to go to work, and boy has it heated up quick! Around lunchtime, I thought I was low. I checked my blood sugar level because I was feeling weak and shaky. Turns out my blood sugar was in the low 200s. Oh wow, I better correct that!

My blood sugar levels have not really come down. I’ve been between 150-200 mg/dL all day. I hope this is all due to the heat, and not something else.

Now that I am getting ready to head home, I am in the mood for some ice cream… Thankfully I have some sugar-free at home!