Diabetes on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, and have more recently been following a lot of boards that pertain to diabetes. I actually created a board of my own called I am a Type 1 Diabetic  and I have gotten a lot of followers on it.

Today was the first day I got depressed/upset instead of inspired with Pinterest. I saw this pin:

Pinterest for Diabetes

Clearly, you can see my response on it… but how does this make you feel? I have looked into getting a pancreas transplant years ago, and I thought it was very dangerous and illegal in the United States. From what I am reading today, it seems that maybe that has changed. Most of the pancreas transplants that are done are also done with a kidney transplant. Read why here.

I guess I flipped out at first because I am jealous that Sabrina can now live a diabetes-free lifestyle (only because her kidneys started to fail too). In all reality, I am happy that I am healthy enough to not need a major surgery to live. There seems to be many complications due to having a pancreas transplant, and many can be fatal. I was hoping that this could be a cure for all of us struggling out there, but at this point in time, it’s still just a hope that one day we will have a cure.