Hiding Your Diabetes?

I find it interesting when other diabetic people say that they are out in public that they run to the bathroom to check their blood sugar levels! How many people really do that? I think its unsanitary to go to the public bathroom to check your blood sugar level, let alone give yourself a shot!

I have lots of friends who are type 1 diabetics, and when we are out as a group, none of them run away to do their business. I’m not sure if it is because everyone we are with knows that they are diabetics (or is one themselves), or if they simply don’t hide it like me.

Personally, I am very open when it comes to discussing diabetes and how it has effected me. So if people question how I deal with it, I show them my insulin pump and explain how the little tube is always inside of me and constantly giving me insulin. It’s that simple and they understand.

Yesterday, I met with a new co-worker. I talked about how I am active with the research foundation JDRF and finding a cure for diabetes. Of course, her first question was “Are you a diabetic?” Yes… I am. Then the conversation moved to her friend of a friend who is a diabetic and gives himself shots. I asked how old he was when diagnosed, and it turned out that he must be a type 2.

She was under the impression that ALL DIABETICS made some sort of insulin, but not enough for the body to handle all the food one ate.  Nope, type 2s are the lucky ones. I explained that I have an insulin pump, and don’t have to give myself shots on a regular basis anymore. She thought it was a brand new alternative to shots, and I explained how I have had my OmniPod insulin pump since 2006. I don’t think that is new! I wish I didn’t have to live with this for the rest of my life, but I do, and I deal with it the best that I can.

So I guess my question is… Do you hide your diabetes? Do you go to the bathroom when you are out to test yourself or give yourself insulin? Do you wear an insulin pump? Has the pump made it easier for you to feel comfortable with displaying your test kit in public?