The Highs and Lows

Yesterday was a rough day for me being a diabetic. There were highs, and lows, and almost no “in-betweens.”

It was a hot summer day, hot, sticky, muggy, “I can’t breathe,” kinda day here in New York.

I was woken up at 6:30am by my fiancé, telling my to check my blood sugar level. 87mg/dL — cool beans (I was perfect and could sleep in — YAY!) Well, not for too long. 8:30am rolls around, he calls me from work to make sure I check my blood sugar again. I had dropped down to 45mg/dL. Yikes, time to get outta bed, eat breakfast and start my day.

I needed to wash my car, and left that as my only goal for the day. I started around 9:30am. I needed a break. I kept taking breaks. I finally finished at 1:30pm. Long few hours, long sweaty hours, and I needed to eat something, and quick, before I passed out. I could feel I was low, but just grabbed food without checking my blood sugar. By the time I did check, 218mg/dL. Ugh…

After then, I had to give myself some insulin before going out. I went to meet my dad and grandma who wanted to see me try on some wedding dresses. I was excited, but I didn’t want to be there all night again! I threw on the first dress.. oh sh*t! Another pod got ripped off! It must be because of sweating all day and my tape getting loose :/

I had to get through at least some of these dresses with the fam. I was thirsty, I must have been high. Ok, last dress then I need to check my blood sugar level. 448mg/dL. YIKES!! Time for a shot.

I ended up going out to dinner, giving yet another insulin shot. When I got home after this crazy up and down day, I was exhausted! I went to put on a new pod and checked my sugar level. 99mg/dL. Oh thank goodness, it went down. Now to set an alarm to do a midnight check.

Low, of course. Low at 2am too. Low in the morning too. I think I gave myself too much insulin at dinner. But what a 24 hour rollercoaster ride!

The Highs and Lows of Diabetes