Sugar Free vs. Regular

One ice cream cone is sugar free, one is regular. Can you tell which is which?

Sugar Free vs. Regular

I think it is ridiculous how much of a size difference there is between food products that are sugar free/low sugar verses regularly sized ones! Why do food companies think everyone who buys “sugar free” are on a diet. I’m just a diabetic, not on a diet! I want to eat just as much as anyone else… just use splenda instead of sugar.

I know this sweetness talk is going to be an issue when I am looking into wedding cakes soon too. Most of the places I’ve looked into will accommodate my sugar free needs, and instead of giving me a cake, they’ll give me something else. (I have a family friend who will make my cake).

I was just annoyed when my fiancé and I compared ice cream cones. I want a bigger one! I don’t want to have pay more for less! I didn’t think that would be a hard request.