Planning a Wedding with Diabetes

And the wedding planning has begun!

Recently, I’ve been going wedding dress shopping. It’s supposed to be one of the most exciting times in a girl’s life, and one many dream of for years ahead of time. But, I have been having a few issues because of my diabetes. On my first wedding dress shopping trip, my OmniPod pump was on my stomach. Buttoning up a corset is hard enough, especially for a girl with a little bit of body fat, and then add an extra bump for the pump… NIGHTMARE! I was able to go up a size and get it on, but then the nightmare of finding “the dress” had started. I tried on almost every damn dress that in the store, and only found a few that I wouldn’t notice the pump bump.

And then my blood sugar dropped. They wouldn’t allow me to bring drinks/snacks into the store (to save the dresses from accidental spillage) so I was sh*t outta luck! We ended up rushing through the rest of the dresses on the rack so that I could go eat, but nothing was “the one.” I got a good idea of what I wanted to wear and actually could wear. To avoid the pump bump on the day of my wedding, I am just going to put the pump on my leg. (This is a first for me!)
OmniPod Insulin Pump on the LegI decided to try it out, and put my insulin pump on my leg. I noticed almost immediately that it would be an issue for me going to the bathroom. I pulled my underwear down very slowly over my pump and avoid ripping it off. On the second day of my bridal shopping experience, my blood sugar levels were great, I had no problem putting on the corset, the dresses started to fit me so much better, and everything was good. 🙂

That is, until I tried on the final dress of the day. I was snug in this little dressing room, surrounded by white fluffiness and puffiness of all the “no” dresses I had already tried on. I tried on the last dress with my heels simply because it was a pain in the butt to keep taking them on and off.  As I was pulling the dress up, I heard it rip! Ouch… I screamed. Of course everyone waiting outside the door was wondering what the hell happened? They thought I ripped the dress. Instead, I ripped my insulin pump off… and of course didn’t bring another one with me! Figures.

The last dress I tried on fit me perfectly, accentuated my curves and could certainly be “the one.” If I do end up getting that dress, I could wear my pump on my leg without a problem. I would just need to wear the pump on the left-hand side of my leg to have beads/decorates and extra lace fabric cover it up.

I have discovered the reality of what it takes to plan a wedding, balance work and a social life and on top of all of that, stay in control of my diabetes. This is the beginning of the new stress in my life, and luckily my blood sugar levels have pretty much stayed in control through all of these new life experiences.