I’m not Perfect

I am certainly not the most perfect diabetic out there, nor do I do claim to be!

I mess up my sugars, I don’t eat 100% perfectly, and I don’t wash my hands before checking my blood sugar levels. I don’t always use alcohol swabs to clean off my skin and the top of the insulin bottle either. But, I’ve never had an infection either.

I am not perfect and I know that, but I’ve been doing this for so damn long, I know what is ok to do and what is a big no-no!

I'm not the perfect diabetic, but PLEASE show me someone who is!

Recently on my I am a Type 1 Diabetic YouTube site, I got some negative comments from other users. I don’t take things personally, but I do know what is right for my own body and the machines I use to keep my body in its current condition.

If you are a clean freak, constantly need to wash your hands before pricking you finger or wash yourself completely off before changing an infusion site, that is your own business. I am not a dirty girl — I shower everyday, and usually do so right before I change my infusion sites. (I also like taking the OmniPods off when I am in the shower because it doesn’t hurt as much, and the adhesive tape comes off much easier when its wet.) Does that make me a bad person? I do not think so.

So, to end this post, if you don’t like OmniPod — that’s your own decision. I love mine, always have, always will.

If you have questions about the pump or pod itself, you can ask and I will respond. All I ask is that you not be bluntly disrespectful to me and telling me I am doing things the wrong way. I am not, I am just doing it my own way.