How to Deal With the Stress

How to Deal with Stress and Type 1 Diabetes

It is finals week, so I have to admit I am especially stressed out this week. I have been noticing that I’ve had higher than normal blood sugars over the last couple weeks, and I’ve been blaming it simply on the stress I’ve been under.

But what should I do to relax and reduce the stress?

  • Breathing exercises
    Sit or lie down and uncross your legs and arms. Take in a deep breath. Then push out as much air as you can. Breathe in and out again, this time relaxing your muscles on purpose while breathing out. Keep breathing and relaxing for 5 to 20 minutes at a time. Do the breathing exercises at least once a day.
  • Progressive relaxation therapy
    In this technique, which you can learn in a clinic or from an audio tape, you tense muscles, then relax them.
  • Exercise
    Another way to relax your body is by moving it through a wide range of motion. Three ways to loosen up through movement are circling, stretching, and shaking parts of your body. To make this exercise more fun, move with music.
  • Replace bad thoughts with good ones
    Each time you notice a bad thought, purposefully think of something that makes you happy or proud. Or memorize a poem, prayer, or quote and use it to replace a bad thought

I have tried each and every one of these this past week. And the truth is, they’ve got me in better control because I’ve tested my blood sugars more often. I am looking up to the positive aspects of my life that will happen later in this week. Papers are all due by Tuesday, Senior fun activities are happening on campus, and Graduation is on Friday. The only thing to shake this stress for me, and help me maintain better blood sugar level is to finish up these last couple papers!

My good thoughts: Dreaming of my summer vacation, relaxing on the beach, and reading this new diabetes book I just bought called Islands and Insulin. Anyone read it yet? Stay tuned for my review…