Over-Treating a Low

Yesterday I was running around at work, hadn’t eaten much lunch, and of course my blood sugar level dropped. I checked before leaving work, and knew I needed to get something to eat — stat!

Over-Treating a Low Blood Sugar LevelIt was a nice day, and I knew I could get something with sugar, so I decided on a milkshake! Yum… sometimes it just feels oh-so-good to indulge in those things you know you normally can’t have. I also ordered a sandwich and some french fries to eat as my dinner.

Of course in the midst of all of this, I had to run to class. I had already worked later then normal, and low blood sugars make me run in a slower motion. I had my milkshake, and my blood sugar had gone up a little bit. I gave myself insulin for my sandwich and french fries, then went to class.

On break, I was feeling very thirsty and had to pee. My teacher only gives us a 5 minute break, so I ran to the bathroom, ran to the vending machine, and booked it back into class. I figured I was probably running on the high side, so I bolused a little bit more insulin while he was talking again. Just an FYI for all of those who are no longer in school, or don’t really have to be quiet work environment, it is very annoying to try and check your sugar level, and bolus, when only one person is speaking. I swear the entire class looks at me every time like “what the hell is she doing, put away your big cell phone device. Make it stop beeping!”

At the end, I had to pee yet again (maybe because I chugged a bottle of water during the second half of class). I decided to stop for a minute to check my blood sugar… 350mg/dL. Ugh.. no wonder!

I hate it when I over treat a low blood sugar. It tends to bite me in the butt afterwards, but feels so good in that moment. Everyone deserves to eat something they “shouldn’t” once in a while. The consequences are not always that nice though.