Relationships & Diabetes.. Who is Negatively Effected?

I just read an article about how type 1 diabetes negatively effects your intimate relationship! (Click here to read what article I am talking about.)

“Type 1 diabetes negatively impacts patients and their partners.”

Diabetes & Relationships. Who is effected?

My lovely boyfriend and I. Clearly, he cares for me, will be there and stand there for me, and loves me. Who’s relationship seems to be negatively effected by diabetes? Hopefully not mine.


In my opinion, diabetes does effect your relationship. I am fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who is not only interested in learning about diabetes, but he also understands how hard it is to manage it. He is always the one to push me to test my blood sugar level before leaving for work, and makes sure I do so before we have dinner and go to bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not incompetent. I know I need to check my sugar level numerous times throughout the day, but sometimes my stomach is rumbling and I just want to grab something to eat quickly and make it to stop! Forgetting to check my blood sugar level just happens.

The article just gave me an eerie feeling inside. Diabetes can cause a strain on a relationship because it doesn’t get talked about openly, and it therefore becomes a source of arguments or resentments. It somewhat scared me into wanting to check my blood sugar level more often, dealing with a higher a1C, and keeping my boyfriend happy. I’ve had issues with past partners and helping me to cope with diabetes. They often got fed up, annoyed, and eventually left.

The article made me have this bad feeling inside, and thoughts ran around my head that he might leave me too.  Who the hell writes an article to make the person reading it feel dis-empowered? Apparently Cynthia Price of thought it was a wonderful idea. Pshh… why do young people always think they give the best advice when it comes to relationships?

Anyways, I have come over my fear. I think this article is pure bologna. Yes, if you do not have a strong relationship to begin with, you can blame your relationship falling apart because of type 1 diabetes. If you don’t manage your diabetes properly, you can blame your relationship falling apart because of type 1 diabetes. But do not name your article “Type 1 Diabetes Negatively Affects Relationships, Study Shows” and then later state that “groups felt diabetes strongly impacted their lives and their relationship in both positive and negative ways.”

I am glad to not have been selected for this group of research. Diabetes has effected my relationship in many ways, some negative and some positive, but the positive always outweighs the negative. I see the glass as half full, not half empty.