Bruised by a1C

So last week you heard me complain about how much it unusually hurt when I got my blood drawn for the a1C. Well, no freaking wonder! Look what it has turned to now?!

Bruised by having blood drawn for my a1C test. It really sucks being a type 1 diabetic! Its spring, I'd like to wear some short sleeves.

Yes, today is just a day of complaints. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, and I’m stuck in the office looking out the window at it. I decided to wear a short-sleeved shirt this morning, but now am regretting it because of this huge freaking bruise on my arm! The worst part about it, I didn’t realise how bad it had gotten until I took off my coat at work this morning.

Even my boss had mentioned something to me, joking about being attacked by my boyfriend. No, I was attacked by the blood drawing lady!

Does anyone else have issues when getting their blood taken? This is the first time I’ve bruised up really bad from having it drawn, so I am new to this whole thing.

Any ideas on how to get bruises to go away quickly? It’s going to be a lovely few spring days, and I’m dying to wear some short sleeves!