The a1C Results Are In!

Yesterday was a hectic day, but I did have the time to run to my Endocrinogist appointment, and I wasn’t yelled at! Phew, that is always a good feeling that I am doing something right! (Well not right, but good enough).

Our discussion went very well, and he said that he is going to work with me directly to get my blood sugars under better control…. but I need to test, test and test some more! Of course he would say that, but it does make sence too. My last a1C was a 8.9 back in November of 2012. That was higher compared to the previous one, but not worse than I have ever been. He figured I would be running about the same a1C, so he just said to work on it… especially if I plan on having kids!

Woah, where did that come from?! Yes, my thoughts exactly!

I guess I am at that point in my life (I’m 24) where people are accepting of someone having a kid, and not really surprised if…. oooppss… it happens. Well he made it very clear to me that I need to continue on my BC pills, and be extremely careful of not having a kid right now. He also stated that I should get my a1C down to a 7 before I can think about it. Then he said “one day, we will have the talk about your diabetes and getting pregnant.” Phew, he isn’t pushing me to get my a1C down just so I can have a kid. I’m not ready for all of that right now anyway.

a1c_bruised_armThen he sent me on my merry little way to get my blood drawn. Ouch did it hurt! And I was all bruised up afterwards. (I hate hate hate getting blood drawn, and I certainly can’t look or I will pass out!)

Later last night I got an email from my doctor. He said just remember to test, and attached were my results! Woa, that was quick! My a1C is better, a 8.1, but still not good enough.

It takes a lot of work to have, and maintain, the perfect a1C level. I hope the non-diabetics out there can understand that. I will now be testing 8+ times per day, and trying to stay in tighter control of my blood sugar levels. Maybe I can make myself, my boyfriend and of course my doctor proud of me!