A “ha-ha” Low Blood Sugar

I found this image on Diabetes Daily today, and it certainly made me laugh. Well, I laughed because I’ve got a funny story behind it.

Last year, my boyfriend and I were in Orlando, Fl. It was our second day there, but first time waking up in our hotel room. I could feel that I had low blood sugar, but ignored it because I NEEDED some coffee first! So I headed to our kitchen area, filled the coffee pot with water and coffee, turned it on and walked away to check my blood sugar level.

I don’t remember what the number was, but it was severely low… I want to say under 50 mg/dL. I don’t exactly know how I was walking around and “thinking” clearly. I grabbed something to eat, and walked back to get my coffee. Weird, nothing was in the pot — maybe I forgot to turn it on? Push the button again.

By this point, we wanted to get up, go get some real breakfast and start our vacation! I couldn’t wait any longer for the damn coffee, so I jumped in the shower. About 2 minutes later, I hear my boyfriend scrambling around…. Half naked, dripping wet and covered in soap, I walked out into the room.

Apparently the coffee maker didn’t make it. It was turned on its side smoking. I wondered why.

Apparently, I had put the water where the coffee should go, and the coffee where the water should go! Ooops… with low blood sugars you have to try harder to feel like you are thinking clearly, even though sometimes even that doesn’t work! The poor coffee pot was cleaned out, and put back into place, but I never used it again. I just ordered coffee for the rest of the trip.