Springing Forward, Diabetic Style

I went to bed last night, forgetting about the whole “Spring Forward” thing. Luckily, my cell phone turned back and woke me up at the correct time! My CGM and my insulin pump/glucose meter (they are wirelessly connected) needed to be changed ASAP!

It is a funny thing to think about — everyone always remembers that they need to set their clocks back one hour, but how many of us really remember to change the time on our diabetic devices?

Change the time, diabetes style. What devices did you need to make "Spring Forward"?The last time the clocks changed, I think it took me about a month to actually change the time on my OmniPod insulin pump! I just kept forgetting to do it. When I plugged it into my computer, all my numbers were messed up, and then I remembered what I needed to do. Change the time!

This time, I was right on top of it! As soon as my alarm went off, I looked at my CGM and my meter, and changed the times immediately. I was able to avoid a high I might have had later on this morning. I am glad that I had my little reminder… Bummer that we had to lose an hour of sleep last night, though!

What diabetic devices do you use that you needed to change the time on?