Better Sugar Levels

photoI am proud of the way my blood sugars have been behaving over the last day or two. I still can’t say it’s great, but it is a lot better than the sugar levels I had a week ago.

I hate talking about numbers, because everyone’s body is different and they will feel more comfortable with their blood sugar within a certain range. But I’m going to anyway—- my doc wants my blood sugars between 70-160 mg/dL. Over the last 7 days, I have averaged a blood sugar reading of 152mg/dL (according to my tester). My lowest blood sugar this week was 34 and the highest was 314mg/dL. With that total (big range, I know!) I was within my goal only a total of 35%. Above goal 41% and below goal 24% (my sugars are below 70mg/dL nearly every morning).

Just to show my point, I am using my own numbers. Everyone thinks it is so easy to keep normal blood sugar levels— you just take more insulin! Yea, it’s not ways that easy. Even with testing my blood sugars an average of 5-6 times per day, I am still not perfect. I don’t think anyone can be perfect. Even with great blood sugar averages, you can eat something you shouldnt have, or accidently disconnect your insulin pump and have a spiked blood sugar level.

With my right-now-out-of-control blood sugar levels, I have nothing mechanically wrong with my body because of it! My feet have no sores or loosening fingernails, I am not obese or extremely overweight from too much glucose being in my blood stream and my eyes are perfect. Maybe I am just lucky, or maybe its only because my blood sugars havent been so out-of-control for too long that I am healthy. It is scary to see how many things could go wrong.

Again, I am not perfect. I am judgmental enough (to myself) to probably never feel like I will never have perfect enough blood sugar levels. I feel like every type 1 diabetic feels like that. If you feel like you are a perfect diabetic — please tell me how and why in the comment section below!