Cord Blood to beat Type 1 Diabetes?

I just read an article that made me feel so relieved. The article claimed that researchers are working on a study to use umbilical cord research in order to help “cure” the antibodies that kill off the hormones that stop the pancreas from making insulin in Type 1 Diabetics. The article is called Cord blood may be the key to beating type 1 diabetes, and states that a “baby’s umbilical cord and placenta are usually thrown away after birth, but the blood remaining in them is rich in cells that researchers hope will one day  treat several conditions,” and Type 1 Diabetes being one of them!Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

Could this be possible? Well there is no hope for me in this situation, I just an “old” type 1 diabetic. But that is ok, I hope they can figure something out for our future generations. “The president of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians  and Gynaecologists, Michael Permezel, said the study was  exciting because  it  could provide some much-needed information for parents.” Diabetes has made me a much stronger person, but there is no need for anyone else to have to suffer if there is a simple solution to reverse diabetes as soon as it is discovered.

Hopefully when the time does come, I will not have to worry about my children carrying my “bad diabetic genes.” Eventually there will be a cure, but for now we all just need to pray that it happens sooner rather then later.

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