Low Blood Sugars are the Worst!

I hate waking up with low blood sugar levels!! It seems to always ruin my day, or make the whole day seem to slow down. This morning I was 34 when I woke up, and obviously that’s REALLY BAD, especially because I was half asleep when I was testing myself. Luckily, my boyfriend knew exactly what to do in situations like that when I have hypoglycemia, and he knows when my sugar levels are low when im still sleeping. He grabbed me a glass of orange juice and forced me to drink it. I’ve never heard of this before, but he also claims that I snore differently, or louder, when my sugar levels are low.

This isn’t the first time I’ve happened to have low blood sugar first thing in the morning either. Times like these make it easier for others who aren’t diabetics to understand how hard it is to keep sugar levels within a normal range, all the time!! My doctors tell me that my sugars should be between 80-140. But, sometimes even at 160, I feel like im high! When I have low blood sugars, I seem to be a lot less likely to feel it, which obviously can cause big issues. When I’m severely low, I get angry, and I don’t allow others to check my sugar levels. I have to be held down by one person, while someone else attempts to find my hands and check my sugar levels. Once, my dad even had to check my sugar by grabbing my toe, instead of my finger, because I was laying in bed on my stomach with my hands under my chest, and refusing to let him test me. I never do recall what I did or anything said during that time frame, which scares me the most!

All I hope to get across, to others who aren’t diabetic, that they can understand the difference between someone who is having a low blood sugar, and someone having a high blood sugar level. I am very blessed to be surrounded by people who understand the difference, know what range I am supposed to be in, and understand  how to treat me, in case anything where to ever go wrong.