Social Media effecting the “Real You”

So I am attempting to redo my website, work on my aunt’s website, collect donations for my upcoming JDRF walk, edit and update my diabetes videos, keep this blog going, keep my twitter updated and STAY off of facebook so much… and its getting exhausting! I feel like social media is more of my life then one can imagine.

I upload photos from my camera and my phone, share videos I have on YouTube, write dumb blogs that almost no one reads and try to get people to subscribe or send a friend request to me. I mean, I am a cool human being with lots of things going on in my life. Everyone should know me, and my abilities, and my weaknesses and I should be using social networking sites to get myself out there.

But when is enough? Do I really need to pretend to be dumb and stupid like Paris Hilton only to become famous? Or do I pretend to be someone I’m really not, just to have as many people “know” me as possible? I do have some important thoughts to get out there. For right now, I am just going to be myself…. like it or not.

I have decided to talk about one of the biggest factors in my life, dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. Life with T1D is like being on a continous rollercoaster ride! My sugars spike after I eat, and drop low when I excersize or havent eaten anything in a few hours. Many other diabetics like me can relate, or give me some tips on how to better manage. To some of the younger diabetics like I was at one point, their parents will follow me and see how I’ve dealt with growing up having Type 1 Diabetes. Parents will be able to fully understand what obsiticals their children will eventually go through, and learn how to let them be themselves and take care of themselves… even though us diabetics will sometimes need a little bit of help.