Hello world!

Im kinda new to this whole blogging thing! I mean, I used to blog a lot back in my high school days on myspace. But that was more about the drama of high school  life, and boys I dated, the friends I hung around ect. Blogging should be more meaning-ful though. You should be able to express your own thoughts, your own feelings and share things that are important in life.

Calla's Crusaders 2008

Calla’s Crusaders Team 2008

I mean, one thing that has me stressing out a little bit right now, is the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes that is coming up in 2 weeks!!!! I mean, by now I usually have quite a bit in donations, and a ton of people signed up on the JDRF website who will be joining me in the walk. This year, so far, I’ve raised a whopping $100, and I have 4 people signed up to walk with my team… one of those is me! Ahhhh.. If you possibly could, please please please make a donation!

Now, that I can clear my head from JDRF stuff… onto my next topic. VEGAS BABY!!  Its going to be awesome! I needa get some nice pics to be able to post some new stuff to this site. I think I’m lagging a bit. Maybe I’ll remember to shoot some video and make a new youtube video. I needa make something of myself and creating things and posting them for everyone to see is definitely a good start. So for now, Raise your glass, and welcome in my new adventure!