Blood Sugar Levels

Job Interview Stress & Blood Sugar Levels

Here’s my Thursday Throwback: (Well, it never got posted when it was supposed to… and life is a little different now. Read on!) Life has been quite stressful recently. I’ve got wedding plans on the mind, on a job hunt for something that offers benefits so I can manage the costs of diabetes supplies, and struggling… Continue reading Job Interview Stress & Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic Problems · National Diabetes Awareness Month

Disclosing Your Diabetes: Promoting Awareness

I just got a blog post published on the OmniPod website!! Check it out here: Before I actually get into the post, I just want to say something else. Last weekend at the JDRF walk in Buffalo, I met a 17-year-old girl who was hiding her diabetes. She was afraid to tell her friends. She… Continue reading Disclosing Your Diabetes: Promoting Awareness