Blood Sugar Levels

Job Interview Stress & Blood Sugar Levels

Here’s my Thursday Throwback: (Well, it never got posted when it was supposed to… and life is a little different now. Read on!) Life has been quite stressful recently. I’ve got wedding plans on the mind, on a job hunt for something that offers benefits so I can manage the costs of diabetes supplies, and struggling… Continue reading Job Interview Stress & Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetic Problems · National Diabetes Awareness Month

Disclosing Your Diabetes: Promoting Awareness

I just got a blog post published on the OmniPod website!! Check it out here: Before I actually get into the post, I just want to say something else. Last weekend at the JDRF walk in Buffalo, I met a 17-year-old girl who was hiding her diabetes. She was afraid to tell her friends. She… Continue reading Disclosing Your Diabetes: Promoting Awareness

Wordless Wednesday

Too Many Years…

June 11 “Wordless Wednesday” – Share a picture or video on your blog! By the way, it’s my 26th Birthday… YAY, I get to loose my health insurance (because I’m still on my parents policy!) I am going on my 17th year of coping with type 1 diabetes! Today’s Post is a little bit more… Continue reading Too Many Years…

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Thank You!

This past Sunday, June 8th, approximately 3,200 members of the Buffalo community came together to create a world without type 1 diabetes (T1D). Our team, Calla’s Crusaders had about 45 people who joined us and helped to raise money. This was our 13th Walk to Cure Diabetes together. What an incredible Walk day! Thanks so much to my… Continue reading Thank You!