JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Countdown to None

Your support of JDRF’s plan to turn Type One into Type None has led to real progress. Because of you, research advances like these are possible. Thank you for your commitment to JDRF. IMMUNE CELLS PROMOTE BETA CELL GROWTH Developing therapies to regenerate beta cells lost in T1D is a high priority for JDRF, as… Continue reading Countdown to None

Diabetic Problems

3 Things You Should Never Say to a Person with Diabetes

So many people say things without even thinking! When I tell people I have diabetes, certain thoughts tend to just pop out of their mouths, it can be frustrating because while those thoughts probably weren’t meant to be hurtful, but sometimes they can feel that way! Here are 3 important questions you should never say… Continue reading 3 Things You Should Never Say to a Person with Diabetes

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Site Change

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Not that I don’t think normally, but just thinking a lot about alternative ways to wear my OmniPod. I’ve worn it on my arms, and I tend to run into doorways. My sides are starting to hurt, my arms can be annoying, and I refuse to put it on… Continue reading Site Change