Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Dexcom Seven Plus Vs. G4

My new Dexcom G4 continuous glucose monitor arrived, and I am one happy gal! Put the sensor on Monday night… And it has ALREADY prevented me from having two bad middle-of-the-night low blood sugars. Phew! Maybe I’ll get my fiance off of my back about those bad lows! The g4 system is quite a bit… Continue reading Dexcom Seven Plus Vs. G4

Blood Sugar Levels

Insulin Resistance — Part 2

On Wednesday, I wrote a post on Insulin Resistance that you can read here: Read that article first before reading on… because this is part two… the scary part! So I explained how I still wasn’t feeling great, shortly after changing my insulin pump. My blood sugars were still high, about 250 mg/dL, but… Continue reading Insulin Resistance — Part 2

Diabetic Problems

Diaversary – Anniversary of being Diagnosed with Diabetes

If you read posts in the diabetes community, you will see that diabetics refer to their diaversary — or the anniversary of when they were diagnosed with diabetes. It feels like diabetics seem to celebrate this day as a “birthday” or a day to celebrate themselves as a diabetic. I am sad to say that… Continue reading Diaversary – Anniversary of being Diagnosed with Diabetes