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The Bloodless Finger Test

I recently got a comment on my blog asking about finger pricks, and trouble getting blood for a test. Have I ever had this issue? YES! Most definitely! When I was first diagnosed, I had this issues getting blood from my fingers very often. I was also young, and had less space/area to actually test on… Continue reading The Bloodless Finger Test

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What’s Inside The Diabetes Bag?

I recently got an email from a teenage girl who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Yes, type 2 diabetes is different then type 1 diabetes, but it is still diabetes and we all do have to deal with a lot of the same issues. One of her main questions was “What do you carry… Continue reading What’s Inside The Diabetes Bag?

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Headaches and Lows

Yesterday I was in the last hour of work, my blood sugar level went low. I didn’t eat much for lunch, so I blamed it on that. I had a juice box, and a snickers bar, finished up my work and went home. It takes me roughly 30 minutes to make it home. I checked my… Continue reading Headaches and Lows